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  • Attorney Profile: Steven J. Grobbel, Commercial Litigation and Criminal Law Specialist

    Steven J. Grobbel

    Twenty years after hiring on at Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle, Steve Grobbel is still striving every day to make a difference for his clients.

    Whether it’s in the courtroom or out, Steve is using his experience as a trial lawyer to help his clients with their commercial litigation and criminal law issues. “I like helping solve problems for people,” Steve said, “to be part of the solution, to help an innocent person keep their freedom or to help a business owner resolve a contentious dispute, is very gratifying.”

    Steve’s commercial litigation cases arise when a business client is suing, or being sued. Often the disputes involve undelivered goods or services, collection matters and other issues common to business owners. While many of these problems between businesses and their suppliers or tradesmen are solved with the help of Steve’s ability to craft negotiated settlements, he is ready and able to take a case to trial if necessary.

    Steve also handles the criminal cases for the firm, including misdemeanors such as drunk driving, drug possession and domestic violence, as well as more serious felonies. When the case involves a young person, “it can be particularly rewarding and can become an opportunity to head off a trip down the wrong path and hopefully keep it from affecting their whole life.”

    Steve credits the positive role models of his fellow attorneys and the collegial  atmosphere of Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle for his record of successful litigation. His success is also credited to his wife, Kathleen, and their two daughters. A busy home life with two soccer playing girls and a headstrong dog keeps Steve busy most weekends.

    He enjoys long distance bicycle touring and has twice completed “Ride the Rockies,” a week long 450 mile trek through the Rocky Mountains. Steve and his family enjoy a summer vacation in the Irish Hills, trips to see in-laws in Florida and get-togethers with his law school friends.

    Steve is currently the Treasurer of the Catholic Lawyers Society. He is active in the Macomb County Bar Foundation and the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan. A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois College of Law, Steve stays up to date with the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan annual meetings and the annual Drunk Driving Update. He is also a graduate of the first CDAM Trial College.