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  • Bellanca Beattie

    Re-affirming its roots of providing quality service, as exemplified by one of its former partners, Stanley E. Beattie, the firm announces its new name, Bellanca Beattie.

    The firm was founded and built on the principle that every lawyer, to fulfill his oath of office and to be a responsible member of the legal community, must conduct himself as a professional. Unfortunately, the profession has, in some instances, lost sight of that. Instead, many lawyers talk more about winning than they do about honoring the profession and the vocation that each of us undertook when we took our oath of office. That is not say, nor do we mean that every lawyer who seems concerned about winning, has lost sight of what it means to be a lawyer. Perhaps they are motivated by acting and advertising themselves the way they do to appeal to the concept that they have their clients’ best interests at heart.

    That concept is one that is not lost on us. To be a member of the profession, is to put above all else your clients’ interests. The problem gets a little fuzzy when the loyalty to his client exceeds what is in the best interests of not only the client, but the profession. We at Bellanca Beattie take second chair to no one in our desire to do what is best for our client, but we always do so within the precepts of what the profession historically is all about. It is about seeing that justice is accomplished and that it is accomplished in an ethical and respectful way within the bounds of the oath that we all took.

    So, in the end, we reach back to the two men who instilled those principles in us: James V. Bellanca and Stanley E. Beattie.