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  • Business Planning Feature: “An Ounce of Prevention”

    Just as estate planning for individuals is important, planning for the future may be even more important for businesses.

    Involve your attorney in helping with business decisions that affect the company’s future. Have your attorney sit in on board meetings and provide advice on planning to avoid litigation and confrontation.

    The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can be dramatically proved with proper counsel. Recent federal capital gains and estate tax law extensions will be good news for the next two years, but will they be extended further?

    What new tax changes will the new Michigan governor need to balance a budget hit hard by real estate devaluations?

    Look to your lawyer at Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle as partners in your business. Call before you make a decision that could have future issues (such as entering into contracts, or hiring and firing employees).

    Consult with your attorney or CPA before minor challenges turn into big, costly problems. You’ll spend less time and money and be prepared for the future.

    Contact attorney James Bellanca, Jr. at 313.882.1100 or email him today for more information on business planning.