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    BNL_SITE_GRAPHICS_360_Buttons_et. al-22Few things in life are more threatening then facing criminal charges. An accused faces what can be intimidating forces allied against them: the police and other investigative agencies, the extensive resources of a state or federal prosecutor, and in too many cases, the glare of the media.

    That’s why Bellanca Beattie’s Criminal Defense expertise is one of the most valuable resources available to our clients.

    Bellanca Beattie’s Criminal Defense attorneys handle a diverse range of criminal matters – from misdemeanors like assault, domestic violence and drunk driving (OUIL) charges – through major felony cases involving more serious crimes.

    We manage every aspect of the procedure, from the initial investigation through proceedings involving federal and state prosecutor offices, arrest, trial, sentencing and appeals.

    In short, Bellanca Beattie’s expertise and experience in defending and handling criminal proceedings, trials and appeals can help level the playing field.