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  • Mediation Good Option for Out of Court Conflict Resolution

    Mediation is a cost-effective, timesaving alternative to courtroom litigation. Having a neutral third party facilitate a discussion of problems between two parties can often very quickly lead to acceptable outcomes.

    This method of open dialogue guided by a mediator allows the parties themselves to determine the conditions of any settlements. The parties are able to work on underlying issues and can often even preserve relationships held before the dispute.

    Mediation also offers the great benefits of confidentiality and flexibility that cannot be expected in open court. The proceedings are private and are not allowed to be called as evidence in future litigation.

    Tony Bellanca is a certified mediator and facilitator with over a decade of conflict resolution experience.

    At Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle, our 74 years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants makes effective mediation a key service offering. Clients can realize the real benefits of a quicker, less costly and more successful outcome with mediation.

    Anthony Bellanca adds about his mediation cases, “I enjoy facilitating a situation in which a solution to a problem satisfies the parties. I am pleased when clients express gratitude for my help in allowing them to reach an accord.”

    Call the offices of Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle at (313) 882-1100 for a consultation on how mediation can be an effective method of solving disputes.