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    The roots of today’s Bellanca Beattie were firmly planted in 1935 by the firm’s founder, James V. Bellanca, Sr. An immigrant’s son, Mr. Bellanca began practicing law during the height of The Great Depression, founding the firm of Monaghan and Bellanca. Exhibiting the values of hard work, dedication, experience and integrity that would become the firm’s hallmark, James V. Bellanca, Sr.’s stature in the Detroit legal community grew as he sat on Detroit’s Civil Service Commission under several mayors and practiced law in downtown Detroit, heading a series of law firms that grew from that first small firm.

    In 1960, Peter J. Bellanca, his oldest son, graduated from law school and joined the firm. It became Bellanca and Bellanca. Four years later, his middle son, Anthony J. Bellanca, joined the firm. It became known as Bellanca, Bellanca and Bellanca. James Sr. died in 1965. He didn’t have the opportunity to see his youngest son, James V. Bellanca, Jr., graduate from law school and join the firm in 1969.

    In 1970, Stanley E. Beattie joined the firm. Mr. Beattie was a long-standing and highly-respected professor at the University of Detroit Law School and a State Bar Law Examiner, as well as the state’s preeminent appellate attorney. The firm became Bellanca and Beattie.

    In 1978, Charles DeLisle joined the firm and the name Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle, P.C. was born. He was followed by Aloysius Suchy, George Matish, James Zeman, James Rashid, Costanzo Lijoi, Joseph Kramer and Steven Grobbel. Ultimately, the name was shortened to Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle, P.C. under which it operated for decades.

    In 2002, James V. Bellanca, III, the son of James V. Bellanca, Jr., became the third generation of his family to be part of the firm founded by his grandfather. Today, the feeling of family permeates the relationships at Bellanca Beattie.

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