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    He wasn’t yet 30, married only a few years, with the most beautiful daughter.  He was his father’s son – studying to be something he always wanted to be – a lawyer.  The doctor was sorry.  So was everyone else.  Only six months to live.  No guarantees!  It was 1959.

    What to do?  What to do first?  Peter didn’t cling to life.  He lived it.  He understood from the beginning that he could not control the future – only the present.  There would be no doom and gloom.  There was no place for it.  No time!  He wanted to fly.  He bought a plane.  He didn’t just smell the roses – he feasted on them.  He spread them for others to see.

    No sympathy for him.  “Cancer is the best kind of disease.  It doesn’t sneak up on you.  It gives you a chance to prepare”.  The chemotherapy and radiation were not easy, nor were the surgeries.  How many were there?  How many predictions?  In the end, even he lost count.

    He had many passions.  The law.  The theatre.  His family.  Giovanna!  He was many things, but most of all – he was the best that he could be.  There was no better lawyer to his clients. No better friend to those who counted him as such.  No fiercer opponent.  No one more willing to forgive or forget.

    He didn’t enjoy life.  He devoured it.  There were no regrets.  To regret is to fail.  Mistakes?  Of course!  But even then – never step back, only forward.

    He will be missed.  He is missed.  People who make a difference always are.  Miss him.  Do not feel sorry for him.  Instead, feel sorry for those who knew him and those who never will.  He made the most of what time he had.  His six months lasted almost 40 years.  He inspired.  He inspires.

    His legacy is more than what he accomplished – it is how he accomplished it!  Celebrate life.  Each day is a gift, an opportunity.  Waste not one.  There are no guarantees.  Have no regrets.

    — His Family