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  • Labor and Employment Law: Seek Counsel To Avoid Litigation

    Jim Zeman, Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle’s labor and employment law specialist offers business owners some tips for avoiding employment related litigation.

    TIP #1 Trust your instincts.

    If you have an uneasy feeling about an employment issue, call your attorney. Addressing a matter early can head off a problem before it starts.

    TIP #2 Call your attorney for advice before you take action, such as terminating an employee.

    It’s a mistake to believe that at-will employment means that the law allows employees to be treated arbitrarily. Ask questions first about the possible impact of disciplining or terminating your employee before you take action.

    TIP #3  Consistent and fair treatment of employees, along with good documentation of disciplinary actions can help avoid litigation.

    A well documented history will make it much easier if you later need to support your actions.

    TIP #4  Have your attorney do a preparatory assessment to insure your business has properly drafted employment contracts, employment handbooks and restrictive covenants.

    An ounce of prevention is the best way to avoid employment related issues and litigation.

    Jim Zeman prides himself on the personal relationships he has with his clients. If you would like to meet with Jim for a consultation regarding your employment or labor law matters, call Jim Zeman at Bellanca, Beattie & DeLisle, P.C.